LOTTAWORLDWIDE & COLOR MY STORY are teaming up to give back to the less fortunate. LOTTAWORLDWIDE's mission statement is to give back to the people in the struggle in San Francisco communities. There's no one that deserves to celebrate Thanksgiving alone or without anything to eat we are going to make sure that we can at least service to as many people as we can.

We are taking donations in order to serve the food. Click the link below

Also Information about Color My Story:

Color Herstory is an educational and interactive coloring book that focuses on influential and successful women of color. One unit is defined as one coloring book. Each page will have an inspiring woman on it with a small box to the side describing who they are. The coloring book provides not only representation for young girls and women, but empowerment. For the younger girls the coloring books will have easier drawings to color, and for the more mature crowd, we will illustrate more complex and aesthetically pleasing designs. It opens the door to opportunity and gives the customer that spark of courage when they realize that there are prosperous women that look just like them.



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