EAZY EQ - Make Time to Make Time (LOTTAENT Official Music Video) 2018 Watch Now !

EAZY EQ making hits on hits on hits. She's a straight hustler - working everyday on her dreams to make a dream into a reality. She makes it seem so easy but she's just a natural born go-getter. Representing the LGBTQ community, Eazy is not afraid and standing up for what she believes in. Coming straight out of Pacific Northwest Tacoma Washington but always coming to the Bay area to show some Bay love. 

The LOTTA team is always making sure that when EAZY is the area that we will always keep her up to date with our fashion label LOTTAWORLDWIDE and always having a good time.

Make sure to go check her new song out click video above to watch the whole video. Subscribe to keep being updated on the latest projects.  

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