Iron Shapens Iron

Iron. A material that looks crude and unimpressive on the outside. It's found in the underground in caves untouched and underutilized. To most people, it looks like any regular rock, but a trained eye recognizes it's potential. Iron can be turned into steel, the metal used as a backbone to build America. It's found in our buildings, our homes and almost everywhere else in this world. Without it, modern technology wouldn't exist.

Working with iron is not an easy task. It takes grit, sweat, and dedication. You have to break it down piece by piece before you can mold and use it. When iron goes through that process it becomes refined, distinguished, and polished. It brings out the beauty contained inside.

I've been going through much of the same process my own life. I started Lotta as just a dream. My love and passion for my city made me want to share that with the world. And just like iron, my dream with Lotta has been refined into something more. I wanted to reflect that with this latest release. These snapback hats represent the process. It presents the understanding that the struggles we face in life are our refinement process. Each day is another step we make in showing the world our beauty, and to make mistakes means to grow.

They don't call it being ironed willed for no reason. So how will your life be ironed out?


Hats releases May 1st Wednesday 2019 will be available at www.lottaworldwide.com 

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