Larry Dorsey Jr (Comedian/Actor/Writer/Radio Talent/Life Coach) Is a Leader With Trying To Keep What's left In San Francisco's Mission District

Humans of darker skin complexion face discrimination and abuse. They are disenfranchised educationally, politically, and economically. North/Central/South America's (Caribbean too) are stolen Native American land, many Latinxs are of indigenous ancestry, and both of these groups face injustice & gentrification. San Francisco is down to a 3% African American population, it has the highest disparities in the country, and contrary to what most may believe- it has a racist history. The Black And Brown Social Club promotes the empowerment of our people in order to preserve the culture we have built in this city, as well as providing a safe space & voice for the youth, and doing so with revolutionary love. We do not preach anti-European rhetoric, all are welcomed to support the #ETC show, we cultivate pro #BlackAndBrownUnity (including those of Oceania). Everyone is welcome to join us Friday's at 850 Bryant in San Francisco from 12pm-2pm for "Mothers on the March" a protest against police impunity. - Larry D Jr


Make sure to join this movement! Also check out his website

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