Slidelife Buddha ft. Izz, Jay, GuacMoseley - "SL BARS" Prod + Dir Trapanese (Lotta ENT Official)

The SlideLife Mob is moving up in the ranks in the BayArea. Speaking about the real struggles that people go thru also throughout their music they are sending positive messages which the urban community can relate with.
Don't sleep on the Slidelife Mob they are AP (Applying pressure) 
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“ We in the struggle tryna come up we lose we win we lose just to win again it’s a love-hate relationship with the struggle and we had a lot of people hate on us for no reason so we gave them another reason to hate  we ain’t the flashy type we always have a hidden deck of cards that we will never show and we all brothers and came together and felt like this is what the people wanted to hear #slidelife “
Watch the Official SL Bars Music Video Prod + Dir by Trapanese More from Slidelife @slidelifeizz @slidelife_hd @slidelifemani @guacmosely Prod + Dir by Trapanese More from LOTTA ENT (like) (Follow)

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