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Sold Out Show - The Next Big Thing Talent ShowCase (Project Level) - Photo Recap 2018

Talk about an event - The Next Big Thing talent show was such a vibrant/entrepreneurial experience for the uprising talents that performed.

Big Rich - SF Hip-hop Legend. Born and raised in the slums of the World famous Filmore district, San Francisco, California. Well known from one of the most iconic songs in the Bay area called "San Francisco Anthem" played all over radio outlets because of representing the heart of Best coast.

With all of Big Rich's successes in the music industry and other ventures, he started a Nonprofit called Project Level with his Wife and other family members. HQ of Project Level is at 762 Fulton St, San Francisco, Califonia. The overall goal is in giving back to their communities but to also embrace the unhidden talents that are the youth in Elementary - College.

Their Mission -  "is to educate, inspire, and motivate the at-risk and underserved youth in our communities through the arts. By providing a safe environment to freely express themselves and nurture their talents our youth can focus on building leadership skills they can apply in the workforce, amongst their families, and in their communities".

The outcome of this event held last Friday was a huge success with the young talents performing their passions - Dancing, singing, rapping. Even though there could have only been one winner they're honestly all winning - because of the young talents practicing their talents in front of real people on stages. It was a great learning experience for all performers. 

"I fall down seven times but I get up eight" - Denzel Washington

Overall all the up runners are seriously are such ambitious individuals who are hungry to spread their unique talents. As an entrepreneur the who times it's usually learning from your mistakes to get better. Don't ever give up on your dreams and passions. the world is yours - Now take control of your future and just do it! 






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