Trap X Art Interview 2017

LOTTAENT presenting TrapXArt with an exclusive Interview. The founders Amina & Jesse Brooks of TrapXArt explaining their passion for the movement that they started helping the community around them grow and innovate with different forms of Art.

TrapXArt stated their movement from 2013 at their first event hosted in San Francisco. TrapXArt hosts party turn up events with a mixture of promoting entrepreneurs work at the same time. The atmosphere at these events is vibrant for those people who love to have a good time. This is definitely the right movement yall should follow.

Based in the Bay Area, California, Trap x Art is a movement that fuses art,  hip-hop culture and the spirit of being your own boss. Whether it's your career, your art, your life, your beliefs, your body, your anything... we believe in self-expression. Trap x Art events are a celebration of beautifully diverse people, unparalleled live art exhibits showcasing amazingly talented local artists, and of course dope music.... 

TrapXArt is a platform for entrepreneurs, Artists, vendors, clothing designers, visual artists etc where they can be able to sell, display their work at all their events.

TrapXArt is an upcoming platform traveling to different locations around the UnitedStates like Los Angles, San Francisco, Oakland, Newyork, Atlanta in spreading their culture. They are going to continue to hit other cities around the United States and eventually to other countries. 

The purpose of TrapXArt - Jessie & Amina were already in the industry before starting TrapXArt in being party promoters. They found their passion there with bringing the culture together. They found an opportunity in starting TrapXArt. Jesse explained how he "doesn't want to work for anybody" which motivated them to start their own business. 

The definition of culture from Jesse & Amina is a group people that are from a region where they're from and spreading their ethnicity with art, clothing, music, food.

The favorite moments they have when they are hosting these events are when they see Artists promote their work and to really see each entrepreneur shine when they are selling their work. Also when there's such a beautiful atmosphere where people are meeting new people and having a good time   

People who usually attend these events are the young adults who want to have a good time but who are trendsetters, fashionable people that party and shop dope items.


TrapXArt is the upcoming Wave join their movement!

Be on the lookout for their upcoming events

Instagram: TrapXART 







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