Flores Fanny Pack - LOTTAWORLDWIDE
Flores Fanny Pack - LOTTAWORLDWIDE

Flores Fanny Pack

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  • Adjustable waist/shoulder belt
  • Embroidered tipico (cultural) design  
  • Embroidered patch  
  • Zipped front pocket
  • Hand sewed
  • Made in Guatemala                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Behind the garment: 

    In honoring Guatemala - We have made a special garment to give a great respect to all the families fighting every day for their financial freedom. Most of the country is meeting for barely meeting ends meet to survive. Guatemala is such a rich country but with a corrupt government that does let the country grow that is supposed to. 


    Thank you, Guatemala for never giving up with the hardest & greatest times.

    Dios bendiga a Guatemala por los tiempos difíciles que están pasando con la erupción del volcán.