> Casa Sanchez X LOTTAWORLDWIDE Limited Edition Hoodies

Casa Sanchez X LOTTAWORLDWIDE Limited Edition Hoodies

LOTTAWORLDWIDE X Casa Sanchez collaboration 2019.
For those who don't know who or what Casa Sanchez is - They are a revolutionary chip and salsa brand who wholesale their products to huge companies like Trader Joes, Target, whole foods etc. They are a San Francisco based company who deeply is rooted to serve and feed the community. LOTTAWORLDWIDE X Casa Sanchez teamed up to come up with a limited edition hoodie release to represent our community of having both the logos placed on the chest. We want our supporters feeling proud of representing our logos. In the bottom left of the hoodie the Mexican flag where we can represent both companies family roots and proud to Latinos. We are very excited to present to our limited edition collaboration hoodies.  

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