Italian for the word struggle.

In the streets of San Francisco in 2016 Lotta was created. A socially conscious clothing brand that showcases the multitude of struggles between individuals and the community that is influenced by racism, violence, immigration status, poverty, depression, and the dark periods we all go through.


Lotta believes the struggle shapes you into who you are today, a stronger - motivated person who is not giving up on themselves and striving for their dreams. Lotta expresses the struggle through creative pieces and storytelling. You can wear your past on your shirt to keep you motivated for the future of tomorrow and that's what lotta represents. The struggle of your ancestors, so you can keep moving forward as it’s not about being fearful of the struggle but by leveraging the struggle as fuel to keep you moving forward.


Lotta (struggle) is ultimately finding joy out of the struggles we face to inspire positive social change within our communities and in ourselves.