Community Event Mission District 2018

Community Event Mission District 2018

Watch the Official Recap Video of our Mission community event.


San Francisco Mission district is facing many social problems with homelessness, gentrification, police brutality. The LOTTA team decided to host an event where we can impact the people who live in the mission with proving free nutritious foods, good condition clothing and bring a positive attitude to never give up on hustling to make a living. 

A Big thank you to all the supporters and helpful hands we could not have done it without you. Remember the fight against the struggle never ends. Be the change you want to see in the world.

LOTTA” is an Italian word that stands for struggle, fight, and conflict.  LOTTA clothing, the brand embraces every human being and demographic, with an understanding that we all wrestle with life struggles.  Each person that is confronted with a life issue (conflict), whether it be with self, others, criminality, criminal thinking, sexual abuse, gangs, poverty, identity, shame, low self-esteem, racism, being bullied, isolation, incarceration, drug and alcohol abuse/addiction, money and/or relationship problems etc., may express THEIR struggle (fight) in a non-violent way by wearing the LOTTA logo (clothes).  The LOTTA brand believes in freedom of expression and embraces and supports awareness of one’s struggles. At LOTTA, we believe that by an individual acknowledging their struggles, he or she can gain the support to navigate and to overcome the challenges they are facing.

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