Flourish the City - (LOTTA Edition) Throw Back Hats

Flourish the City - (LOTTA Edition) Throw Back Hats

Introducing the luxury edition LOTTA "Flourish the City" throwback hats. These 6-panel structured, unstructured, foldable caps one is made of a smooth polyester faux suede and feel as good as it looks. 

Representing 3 of the most iconic cities on America's coasts, the LOTTA luxury hats pay tribute to the colors and ideals that made each city unique and are a perfect piece to match the character and culture you find on the city's streets. These hats will turn heads no matter what city you're in. 



NYC. The city that never sleeps and dreams are blazed into reality. A city where the bold are rewarded and recognized among the best in the world. Rep your city, blaze your own path and ignite the raging soul inside you.

San Francisco. The jewel of the west coast. A city recognized for it's beautiful landscape, and liberal mindset. San Francisco has become a Beacon to the world through technology. What happens here influences the world and the world knows that. Let them know who you are when they spot the Balck and Orange Hat you are rocking. 

Oakland. The movement; the culture. A city with unique talents, a confluence of cultures, and a deep history rich of victories in the world of sports and in the social justice movements. The Sheep represents the humbleness of the City of Oakland, and is a reminder to all that Oakland is a paramount leader, set apart from the rest. It is a city that is true to constantly being BOLD and DIFFERENT.



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