GET OUT AND GIVE BACK CHALLENGE 2018(Feeding the less fortunate)

San Francisco homeless population is 7,500 people a mix of war veterans, youth, children, mothers, fathers etc. - Demographically speaking the percentages of homelessness are - 35% White - 34% Black - 22% Hispanic - 9% Other. (San Francisco Chronicle 2017). 

The LOTTAWORLDWIDE team is challenging all the youth to get out their confront zones and do some thing positive for one day of volunteering their time to help out distribute food to less fortunate on the streets who just need a meal to get by on Thanksgiving morning. 

We want to really to make a difference in our community but we need y'all help! 



How can I support this movement and be involved on Thanksgiving morning?

Email the LOTTA team @ or hit us up on Instagram @LOTTAWORLDWIDE.


How can I still support but not being physically there?

You can email us @ if you would like to donate something. Any donations are acceptable (All donates go to cause).

Thank you!  


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