Collaboration is key to LOTTAWORLDWIDE 

BURNOUTS  X LOTTAWORLDWIDE exclusive limited half tees.


Stay tuned! Watch short clips of the grind of the owner of burnouts making an idea to reality. 

The Burnouts is a grass route one man army. Designs, printing, sewing, all manifested by one teenager's creative mind.

LOTTA means “struggle” in Italian. LOTTAWORLDWIDE is a Bay Area-based clothing line representing San Francisco natives.

LOTTA is a lifestyle movement where everyday people can represent where they come from.This everyday person might live in an urban community or be self-made entrepreneurs, hip-hop heads, skaters, artists, punks, etc.

LOTTAWORLDWIDE consistently makes meaningful designs that incorporate a story from the people’s struggles.

Anybody can relate to the struggle -- it doesn’t matter what skin color or religion we have. LOTTA is a constant reminder of where we come from.

The significance of the LOTTAWORLDWIDE LOGO.

The logo is representing the world that is supporting each other to come up and rise to the top. This is representing everyone who is working hard every day to pursue their dreams in doing anything possible to make it happen for themselves.

Also, another standpoint you can view the logo as representing the people who want to overcome and support her/his family or protecting your own business or anything it can possibly be. The hand that is struggling and reaching the top is the achiever.The other hands are trying to drag her/his down and not make her/his dreams possible. The others hands are the haters who never want to see you win.

LOTTA WORLDWIDE is all about spreading awareness of the "STRUGGLE" making sure that we are helping each other out of our struggles.

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