Prime TIme - Up Rising Star - Bay Area Look Out ! ...

Prime TIme - Up Rising Star - Bay Area Look Out ! ...

Prime a born hustler straight out the womb - From East Palo California ( The Village). In prime's childhood, she always had a passion for music and basketball. In the music scene, Prime was always been rapping off type beats for a hobby but later seen an opportunity with all the support she has gotten from a local standpoint also Prime doesn't have any type of sound it's a totally new unique way how she flows. The basketball standpoint is something that Prime has really valued with she figured out how to balance out her music career by playing College basketball for San Francisco State University.  

Prime is constantly reminded of her family's STRUGGLES - She emphasized struggle because the struggle is something that has made Prime who she is today. Prime is a role model for her family to show all her younger nieces and nephews that anything is possible. 

Hustlers don't ever settle and if someone tells them they can't do it they go back and prove everyone wrong. Prime is definitely an underdog with pushing her music. Her DNA is wired to get the bag and to help her family.


Words of wisdom from Prime: Don't be a follower of the music industry - Make your own sound and don't let know one stop you.



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