Special Tribute to all women all over the world

Special Tribute to all women all over the world

On Thursday, April 11, LOTTAWORLDWIDE joined forces with underground uprising streetwear brand Epoch.co.

LA LUCHA is inspired by so many stories and personal experiences we wanted to share out to the world of how all women are marginalized all over the world facing many struggles throughout discrimination, human trafficking and how overall how often many people are portrayed women as objects and not actual people. 

When developing this design we sat down and started to think about our mothers and just overall recognizing all the tribulations they have been through as immigrant women having to work 10X harder when coming from developing counties then having to adapt to capitalism. All women especially mother's who are raising their children alone are an example of this women here on the graphic design holding the world on their back even if they are exhausted from all that they do.  

LOTTAWORLDWIDE & EPOCH.CO wants us to really understand that women are the same as like men and debated even more powerful than men. Women for many years not having the rights to vote until the year 1920, is truly wrong but as history is the past we now write this post to bring more awareness on how powerful women are. 


 This graphic design is a special tribute to all women that faced their struggle with discrimination because of their gender. As you see in the design it's a woman of color to notice how harder it is for them to succeed in this world due to their skin color. The systematic oppression is still affecting many people especially women of color.


Please share our movement & join us on our fight to spread and act on uplifting all women.

We present to yall - LA LUCHA T-SHIRT - It's more than a t-shirt it's feeling proud of your mother or proud of your self as a mother or just wanting to represent something that stands for something positive. 



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