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Long Live The Struggle Patch

Long Live The Struggle Patch

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  • Size - 4 inches
  • Backing - Iron-on Backing
  • BaseMaterial - Polyester Blend Twill
  • BorderEdge - Embroidered Border
  • CutToShapeMethod - Laser Cut & Hand Cut
  • Can go about anything (Backpack, jeans,jacket etc) 

Story behind patch:

This logo represents a world that is coming together and helping each other to rise up as a unit.  One meaning is about community, and the other is the negative side of people who don’t want to see you win.

The hand reaching out in the logo represents the struggle, reaching the top is the achiever's dream. The other hands are the haters who are trying to drag the dreamer's hand down and make success impossible. Those are the people who never want to see you win. 

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